Architectural study and restitution of the Greco-Roman temple of Sobek and Harwer in Kom Ombo (Upper Egypt)

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At the heart of important economic issues, the exploitation and modern use of archaeological sites often take precedence over their study. The temple of Kom Ombo, located along the Nile cruises journey, is one of the essential stops for thousands of tourists. It is therefore directly concerned by the problems of wear and tear, maintenance and conservation of structures that often go beyond the framework defined by the Venice Charter.

It is therefore urgent to proceed with the analysis of this category of buildings, in order to allow their scientific safeguarding.

Digital humanities are at the heart of current research in the humanities and offer new perspec- tives for the documentation and inventory of resources, but also in the development of methods and tools as well as for the dissemination and sharing of data.

The treatment of the data that will be collected, (re)used, generated and studied will, as much is possible, follow the principles of FAIR and CARE open science.