Mare Cyprium: multimedia applications for Cypriot maritime cultural heritage

S4: Poster session | Poster

Funded by the Honor Frost Foundation (HFF), the Mare Cyprium Project is a digital archaeology public outreach exercise. It integrates data produced by the Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory (MARELab), University of Cyprus (UCY) into a series of digital multimedia applications (DMAs). The main aim is to promote the value and complexity of Cypriot maritime cultural heritage. The project will focus on diverse case studies attempting to reach a diversified public. The case studies include artefacts, shipwrecks, harbours, and traditional boats. The DMAs are: i) a 3D animation of wreck site formation processes; ii) a 2D animated storytelling of an artefact’s biography; iii) Interactive timeline on the history of two Cypriot harbours; iv) a 3D glossary of shipbuilding terms; and v) a 3D collection of traditional boats. This paper will critically discuss the general project idea and rationale, the DMAs concepts and scenarios, and the results of their preliminary development.